Bedtime stories

Unwind in the MGallery universe with short stories inspired by our hotels

 Mystery 4 min

The Blue Lady

Susan Norman

Melody jostled a dust-coated box into the backseat of her car. The box had remained untouched for the three years she’d been at Harvard. Why had she insisted on bringing it to law school? She’d ...

A short story inspired by

Image of Hotel des Arts Saigon
 Mystery 5 min

Follow Me

Matt Bondurant

Elise finally succumbed to exhaustion just as the plane was circling Schiphol Airport. She was flying from New York to Amsterdam to visit an aging uncle. Elise had never left the U.S. before, had ...

A short story inspired by

Image of INK Hotel Amsterdam
 Mystery 5 min

The Hidden Letter

Patrick Ferrer

The moment he entered the bar, I knew that Mister J. wasn’t your usual guest. Maybe it was the way his eyes darted around, taking the measure of everything he saw, or that half smile as he twirled ...

A short story inspired by

Image of Hotel de la Cité
 Mystery 4 min

The Gift

Sally Franco

Distant thunder warned of an approaching storm as the wedding party strolled along the Danube. Budapest’s new National Theatre had indeed been a lavish affair. “I like that Cyrano only imagined ...

A short story inspired by

Image of Hotel Nemzeti Budapest
 Romance 5 min

You Would Never Believe It

FJ Morris

When Eliana returned to the Phoenix Hotel that night, she imagined that her grandfather’s footsteps on the same floors, in the same hotel, after climbing the same mountain, would have sounded like ...

A short story inspired by

Image of The Phoenix Hotel
En français  Suspense 5 min

A Haven of Peace

Elodie Torrente

“You really need to give yourself a total break, my dear. Why not try the sea spa at Trouville? It would be perfect for you. They do thalassotherapy, there’s a spa and a Michelin restaurant”. ...

A short story inspired by

Image of Cures Marines Trouville Hôtel Thalasso & Spa
En français  Romance 5 min

In the Shade of Room 414

Elodie Torrente

How did they first meet? It was by the revolving door, on the beach side. It was like a scene worthy of a Lelouch film. As a person who hums shoobedoobedoo every time I walk into our dear old ...

A short story inspired by

Image of Grand Hôtel Cabourg